Original novel written by LIU CIXIN

Comic adaptation written by CHRISTOPHE BEC

Published in China by FT Culture and Citic Publishing Group

FT (For Transcendence) Culture Beijing Co Ltd, a Chinese company, has invited 20 artists from France, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Belgium and the United States, as well as domestic artists, to turn 15 of Liu’s works into a series of comics and graphic novels into a work titled Graphic Novel Collection of Liu Cixin’s Classics, which contains the novel Ball Lightning and his other novellas and stories.

“It’s the first time my works have been adapted into a comics series. The series includes some familiar works, like The Wandering Earth and Ball Lightning. And it will be translated and published in at least eight countries,” Liu said in a video promoting the publications.

The Wandering Earth will be adapted by French screenwriter Christophe Bec and drawn by Italian artist Stefano Raffaele. The duo have been working together on comics such as Promethe and Olympus Mons since 2007.